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future imperfect

Future Imperfect


Future Imperfect – in progress

China Underground Patreon Video

super robots video

Super Robots

Magic Fountain

Be yourself – Parkour version

Be Yourself animation

WiFi vs Wireless network video explainer

Happy New Year 2016!

N# – Numbers

La Femme – Hypsoline MD

Soccer AD – 圣诞快乐和 新年快乐!

Matteo Damiani portfolio 2015

Matteo Damiani 2d vector showreel

金龙公司 ad

A shot in the dark


Os Mutantes – Trem Fantasma

Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach

Cina Magazine Promo

EARTH: What are fossils?

The Infinite

RoboFuturo – episode 0 – promo

The importance of demographic profile of media audience

Sweets and Kittens Happy Factory

Otto Tahouri – Moksha

Going Home

Felix l’Amour – “Moby”

It was a dark and stormy night …

The Rebels of the Neon God – We Are