is web portals about China in Italian. Our aim is to offer a broad view of all aspects of this huge country: job opportunities, business, history and geography, literature, philosophy, art, cinema, travel, culture, traditions and cultural events. In addition, we provide useful links and information to those who want to get in touch with institutions, foundations, embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce, museums and organizations which work in China and with China. Our goal is to spread Chinese culture in Italy and in Europe, and at the same time Italian culture in China, so that we establish a virtual bridge between these two realities. China has attracted foreign attention mainly for its rapid rate of development. Because of its geographical distance China is still a country to discover. A deep knowledge of Chinese culture is very important in order to create productive economical connections. In addition, in recent years, Chinese culture has achieved a significant position in the worldwide cultural scenario. Without doubt, a mutual interest can bring great benefits to both sides.

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