BigScreen Festival


The first International video festival in South West China!

The event has been given an important weight by the media with several press reviews together with television and radio interviews. In the past editions the jury held important valuable names such as Wang Xiaoshuai , Jia Zhangke, Marco Ceresa, Wang Yao, Jeremy Goldkorn, Tujiko Noriko, Mono, Yan Yan Mak among the others.

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Past editions:
BigScreen Asia 01 – Padova
BigScreen Pills – Padova
BigScreen Asia 02 – Padova
BigScreen Italia – Kunming
BigScreen Festival 2007 – Kunming
The best of BigScreen Festival 2007 – Beijing


Jia Zhangke, Wang Xiaoshuai, Dominique Musorrafiti, Matteo Damiani (BigScreen Italia 2006)



Tujiko Noriko, Dominique Musorrafiti, Matteo Damiani (BigScreen Festival 2007)


Marco Ceresa, Dominique Musorrafiti, Chris Horton, Wang Yao, Yan Yan Mak, Matteo Damiani (BigScreen Festival 2007)


Tujiko Noriko, Yan Yan Mak


Wang Yao, Marco Ceresa